Re: Eating meat is maintaining attachment & does not benefit all beings

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Posted by Sergio ( on October 28, 2000 at 15:26:39:

In Reply to: Eating meat is maintaining attachment & does not benefit all beings posted by russell on October 28, 2000 at 00:50:12:

I If you can think of a reason to eat meat that is based upon the precepts or the eightfold path (and not just what others have done (look to the Dharma not imperpect beings)) then eat it. Otherwise, you have already vowed not to. Our world is different than Gautama's and if he lived today I can't believe he would think we should help perpetuate the meat industry.
>>The eightfold path is not again to the consume of meat. Thatís is a different topic. I donít think that the meat industry is something evil, and it seems you look at it like that. The Buddha ate meat and actually he died because of an ill caused by it, so I think he could be agree with the meat industry. He was a consumer!.

Not eating meat is taking a step towards greater compassion and it also serves as an example to others that can help foster compassion in them.?
>>Not eating meat is NOT a step towards greater compassion necessarily. The motivation of eating meat or not eating meat is the step to compassion, no the action itself. You could not eat meat due to a specific ill, and then you avoid it to stop your ill. This is not compassion toward other beings, but to yourself. If you werenít ill, you could eat meat and you could not care about other beings.
And just having positive thoughts while you eat the meat is not addressing the issue, it just makes you feel better. Would it make it okay to murder a man if you were thinking positive thoughts.
>>In some cases, yes. For example, in one of the previous lives of the Buddha, he was a captain of a ship. He knew about a man who was planning to kill 400 people from the ship, and he tried to talk with him to stop this attitude. The man didnít care, so he had to kill him as a last resource, and he decided to create the negative karma of killing him to be able to save the lives of 400 people. Because he had a very altruistic motivation, and he was also ready to sacrifice himself creating the negative karma of killing a human being, it is said that the result was an extraordinary positive karma that made him purify millions of years of negative karma and allowed him to get enlightenment if a few more lives.
It is important to be thankful and cognizant, but it is essential to take action also. Buddhist practice is about action after all.
>>Buddhist practice is about action but not just body actions, but also mental actions and verbal actions. And from these, mental actions are the most important, simply because this actions determines body and verbal actions. So if the nature of your mental actions are positive, the body and verbal actions will have the same nature. This is why is so important to generate a healthy mind, based in positive tendencies. This is why you can generate more positive karma in an instant of a great and honest compassion to all sentient beings than giving food to 300 poor people during 300 days.

I think that if you feel good and compassionate about not eating meat, then you should keep like that. I just donít agree with you about the idea of not be compassionate just because you eat meat, and with your idea of an ďevil industryĒ.

Best regards

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