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Posted by scalar ( on March 10, 2001 at 01:21:35:

In Reply to: personal guidance "required" in Dharama practice? posted by SkySitter on November 06, 2000 at 23:54:36:

: My view is that a teacher's job is to "verify" the practice. Is my "entrance" acceptable (by the community)? Is my experience similar to that of others? I don't think any expectation beyond this would be wise or even practical.

: I am willing and ready to make mistakes (not intentionally).

: Dhrama Student suggested that a teacher would help when we come to a cross-road. An experienced teacher would be able to point us to the right direction, to warn us what's ahead.

: What do you think? (Actually, "what is your experience on this subject?" is what I want to ask. However, I would take any speculation, any reading from the scripture, any logic referencing, or just feeling. Don't take me too seriously.)

: P.S., from the reading of the posts, it seems that I have missed some "interesting" posts about fireworks (hellfires) or something?! As a practitioner of Mahayana (the Greater Vehicle), hell is where Buddhists should go (where "needs" and "helps" are in great demands...)

: no 'verification' is possible. a teacher can only provide the student with a hint of the teacher's prior experiences (including thought experiences). claiming to give verification enshrines the ignorance of the outside observer. suggesting a 'right' direction suggests a wrong one too. the teacher suggests all directions including none. since being and meaning are only one thing, like matter and energy, only the 'being' which you experience (whether or not you are conscious of it separately) can verify the 'meaning' which only you can seek. the teacher is both a privileged observer and a participant in your self-mediated creation, which may continue until the dissolution of your mind, if such ever happens. everyone and everything must be your teacher and if there is any verification to do, you must do it. so remember - do good, be good, feel good, look good! (and happy trails to you.)

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