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2,500 years ago the Buddha formed the Sangha community of monks and nuns. Depending on support from the lay community, they studied and meditated in order to teach and spread the Dharma. The founder of the FPMT, Lama Thubten Yeshe, formed the International Mahayana Institute to ensure the continuation of this tradition, by westerners in the West.

Today, few of us are able to devote all our time to religious practice as members of the Sangha.

But it is vital that some do.

The Buddha said: "Wherever there is a monk or nun observing the Vinaya, that place is luminous an radiant. I see that place as not empty and I myself abide there peacefully.".


It costs approximately US$200 each month to support a monk or nun living in the West. At present we do not have the resources to support our five Sangha communities and more than 150 monks and nuns. Each year membership of the IMI is increasing

Any donation you make contributes to the welfare of the whole of the developing Sangha of the IMI. Your money will help maintain Sangha communities and the studies and retreats of individual monks and nuns.

Your support is urgently needed NOW so that the IMI Sangha may live and learn, and teach and spread the Dharma.


If you would like to help the IMI help Western Sangha please print out this form, fill in the details and return to the address shown below:
Post Code:

Donation can be made by cheque, credit card or money order, and should be made payable to:
"FPMT (for IMI)"

Send to:
FPMT Regional Office
26 Garnett Avenue
South Australia 5051

IMI is a member of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition.

For further information on the IMI please write to:
The Public Relations Officer, IMI,
c/- Nalanda Monastery,
81500 Labastide St. Georges,

or e-mail:


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