Glenn Mullin Visits Sydney
Glenn Mullin, the renowned Tibetologist, scholar and author, recently visited Sydney at the invitation of the Vajrayana Institute. He gave a public talk at St Andrew's Auditorium, Sydney Square entitled "A History Of The Dalai Lamas". glennm-1.jpg (19131 bytes)
glennm-2.jpg (26373 bytes) A colourful and entertaining speaker and raconteur, Glenn more than lived up to his reputation, although there were some present who would have enjoyed him quoting at greater length from his fabled collection of Agutemba stories.
While he was in Sydney, Glenn also conducted two one-day courses at the Vajrayana Institute, on "Death, Dying and Immortality" and "Tibetan Meditations For Healing And Balance".
His visit was a great success, and if you get chance to hear him, don't miss it!
glennm-3.jpg (24237 bytes)

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