Manjushri, Buddha of Wisdom.

Manjushri represents all the wisdom of the Buddhas and as such has great power to rescue living beings from confusion and suffering. Manjushri's blessings are said to be like light which dispels all darkness within the mind. In the aspect of Orange Manjshri he demonstrates the qualities of enlightened wisdom by holding aloft a flaming sword. This symbolizes its ability to cut through the roots of ignorance. He also holds a text supported by a lotus, showing he achieved an enlightened form by following Buddha's instructions.

All prints from Sarasvati Arts provide a brief description of deity on the reverse along with the sacred letters Om, Ah and Hum marked at the Crown, Throat and Heart of the deity respectively. These symbolize the Buddha's body, Speech and Mind. Within the Tibetan Tradition of Thangka Painting, the placing of these letters behind the image is seen to be the final stage of production, the moment of inviting the actual Buddha into the image.

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